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Sean Cody wrote:
Charlie really had a lot of fun with Jamie. I was impressed with how well he handled himself considering it was all very new to him. He called me and wanted to know if he could come back. He sounded like he was trying to cover up his excitement and I let him know that we would be glad to have him out again. And I knew that he would be great with Mitch!
But, imagine my surprise when Mitch, who’s quite a bit more experienced than Charlie when it comes to sex, seemed a little nervous this time around. I noticed when they were sitting in the kitchen that Charlie seemed pretty smitten with Mitch and mentioned how excited he was to get to know him better. That could explain Mitch’s initial nerves… he’s never been shy before so maybe he was embarrassed that there was a little crush forming.
Mitch was aware that Charlie was fairly new to all of this and assured me he was just being extra cool about everything. But Charlie was excited and ready for what was to come – literally. Before I could even get situated, Charlie was rubbing Mitch’s legs, sucking on his neck and kissing him. So, we figured we’d stay right there, in the kitchen, and let them go at it. And boy did they. Mitch gave Charlie one of the best facials I’ve ever seen!

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