My Perfect Guys - Hamed del Toro - Model, Actor, Dancer

Hamed del Toro is a 23-year old male model, actor and dancer from Mexico.  His profile on and his own facebook page shows that he is a versatile model.  He is one gorgeous hunk who knows what he wants in life (including the fact that he will not pose nude and does not do full-frontal shots).

He is an active model and shows on his profile that he currently resides in California.

Take a look at the gallery below:

My Perfect Guys - Cuban Actor / Model William Levy

ACTOR / MODEL - William Levy Gutierrez
Born: 29 Aug 1980
Cojimar, Cuba

Levy was born in Cojimar, Cuba. His maternal grandfather was Jewish. Levy emigrated to Miami, Florida, when he was fourteen. He attended high school, after which he studied business administration on a baseball scholarship at St. Thomas University. He later went to Los Angeles to study acting and continued his acting studies in Miami and Mexico City.